deanna fletcher
media cv


Having over 8 years extensive experience working with radio – digital, FM and internet platforms – responsibilities with various companies have been wide-ranging, allowing skills to develop in:

• Administration
• Marketing
• Press relations
• Website Editorial
• Website Management
• Show Host and co-Host
• Broadcast Journalist; features, interviews and news
• Weather Announcer
• Travel Announcer
• Radio engineering
• Programme Making and Editing
• Producer
• Team leader
• Programme Manager
• Station Manager

8 years experience working with Pro Tools and Cool Edit Pro, producing program features, promotion advertisements, and station jingles.

Written and conducted interviews with various musical artists, social leaders, and the general public on radio and television. Locations include festivals, concerts, and studios. Written article and reviews for websites and national magazines.

Featured singing and spoken vocals to bestselling albums and musical features.

Actively involved with charity organizations such as Audacious, as well as leading youth programs with the International Christian Community of Copenhagen.

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