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Website Management

Whether your website is designed to give basic information or keep consumers coming back for more, itís useless if the information provided is not current. Successful website management stems from conception, design, and ongoing monitoring. Donít let your company down by not keeping up with todayís online revolution. Deanna Fletcher can help you.

Audacious is a registered charity and youth organisation whose target audience ranges from 12-30. A busy corporation, Audacious incorporates music, events, media, travel and educational programmes and therefore required a functional website that would hold vast amounts of content and media files while remaining simple to navigate, all teamed with an edgy design.

Deanna worked with the designers from start to finish and continues to write and maintain all elements of the Audacious website.

Visit the Audacious website.

Youth Alive UK is an educational organisation in association with the Assemblies of God in the United Kingdom. This registered charity presents stadium sized music events and various levels of training for both national and emerging leaders in the UK.

Deanna oversees all web updates, online marketing, and editorial featured for Youth Alive UK.

Visit the Youth Alive UK website.


Mailing lists are a great way to stay in touch with your audience or consumer market. When well written with a contemporary design, your company email or letter will keep consumers up to date with what current in your world and, if youíre a smaller business, remind them that youíre out there!

Revolution Radio e-letter.

Call waiting

Thereís nothing worse than being kept on hold for long periods of time. Keep people updated with your latest offers and events each time they phone. Alternatively, this feature is great for lift entertainment.

The Megacentre is Sheffield's most popular community centre whose programmes and facilities range from children's nursery and jungle gym, conferencing, contemporary church, financial advice and educational programmes. The Megacentre receives hundreds of calls each day and required personalised call waiting as a marketing tool to promote up-and-coming events.

Script writing, voice recording, and sound editing was completed by Deanna Fletcher.

Clip (mp3): The Megacentre, Sheffield

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