deanna fletcher

"Deanna Fletcher is very highly motivated to produce excellent broadcasting material. As a presenter she is very capable, natural, fun and easy to listen to. As a producer she has quality skills to produce contemporary FM sounding elements. She is focussed, hard working and delivers. Deanna lives and breathes media. It is a most significant goal in her life and I believe she will achieve a measure of influence within it. As a person she is committed, respectful, approachable and very keen. I have no doubts that Deanna is a clear asset to any media initiative."

Jonathan Bellamy
Cross Rhythms
Stoke-on-Trent, England


"Deanna is a creative genius. Her thinking is out of the box and her work has a unique and creative flare. She is a woman who uses her initiative and is not afraid to try something new. Deanna is a hard worker and is always willing to go the extra mile."

Glyn Barrett
Audacious and Youth Alive UK
United Kingdom


"The benefit of being focussed on a specific area of ministry for many years is the joy of meeting those who are taking on the 'mantle for the next generation'. Deanna is a force in her own right in pioneering the opportunities that new media technology will produce. Whilst learning her craft within Christian media ministries I'm sure that Deanna's passion will be to utilise her skills and talent into the mainstream with a sure spirit of excellence. I have every confidence that she will make a significant contribution to the growing media opportunities that she is involved with."

Chris Cole
Station Manager
God TV
Founder and Trustee
Cross Rhythms
United Kingdom


"Deanna Fletcher is a highly motivated individual who strives to do her best and who is willing to think out side the traditional box. Her love for music and multimedia are added advantages to reach a contemporary society. We had fun working together reaching out to the younger generation in Copenhagen, Denmark."

Dr. Ravi Chandran
Senior Pastor
International Christian Community
Copenhagen, Denmark


"Deanna is a team player who constantly contributes a high level of commitment to the project at hand. Passionate about pioneering new ventures, she is creative in innovating new opportunities for marketing and media. Deanna always ensures a project is completed successfully and to the highest quality."

Colin Blois
18-30’s Pastor
Hope City Church
Sheffield, United Kingdom


Dea in old English means ‘witty, zippy, likeable, creative, chirpy, attractive, fun and intelligent’. I just made that up but it’s absolutely true about Deanna Fletcher. She’s a spark that lights a fire and she’s one of the best presenters I’ve heard in a long time on my transistor radio.

Dave Gilpin
Founder and Director
Hope City Enterprise
United Kingdom

"Working with Deanna on the Cross Rhythms Breakfast show was a richly rewarding experience! Could she be the ultimate producer? With strong production skills (engineering all the jingles and elements for the show) great organizational skills (good enough to keep me on track!) and most importantly the ability to know what works and what doesn’t. On top of all that she was great on the microphone! As a presentation team we put together one of most popular programmes on the station. What more could you ask for?"

Steve Perry
Presenter and Former Programme Manager
Cross Rhythms
Stoke-on-Trent, England


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